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The Kitchen

Our Corporate Chef, Darcy Ambrosio, was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and currently resides in the town of Waimea. Darcy has found a home at A-Bay’s where his classical training, informed creativity, and wealth of knowledge can be seen in every dish.

Chef Darcy Ambrosio’s culinary journey began with humble beginnings and a youthful drive and dedication that is still present to this day.  After high school, he began with scrubbing dishes at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. He quickly moved into a position as a line cook at the then infamous “Batik” restaurant. Finding his passion early led him to be taken under the wing by the classical European chefs that the exclusive resort was proud to bring on at the time.

Darcy Ambrosio was a name that could not be ignored and through encouragement was driven to endure the rigorous Westin Culinary apprenticeship program. Darcy spent the first two years at the Mauna Kea Beach hotel and transferred to the Kaanapali Resort on Maui for his final year of training. This three-year program left nothing out allowing him to learn all facets of cooking and restaurant kitchen management including, but not limited to; butchering, grand mangier, saucier, pantry, hot line, purchasing and receiving, lunch, breakfast, and of course dinner. Upon completion of the program not only was he graded on creating a seven-course menu and wine pairing physical and taste evaluation he had to pass a 110-page written exam.  To nobodies surprise, he passed with flying colors making him the first Graduate from Hawaii to complete the rigorous Westin Culinary Apprenticeship. Graduating with Honors was icing on the cake.